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We are looking to the future by developing new projects in our sector, including the diffusion of green culture and experimenting with new production techniques with zero impact

pistoia nursery campus

Education, Culture, Hospitality

Our industry needs young, properly-trained professionals. Pistoia Nursery Campus is a place for research and training designed with younger generations in mind, who will accompany us and support us throughout the current process of rapid change. Pistoia Nursery Campus is also a venue for hosting events for business and tourism. A functional venue with multi-media conference rooms, meeting rooms, spaces set aside for sport, located within 10 hectares of grounds.

Space as a tool for learning

Our idea for the Pistoia Nursery Campus was based on an avant-garde project and a concept of trailblazing sustainability. A Campus to promote developments in our industry and offer younger generations the chance to get proper training and guidance for a better future.

Keeping industry professionals abreast of the latest trends in our field also by sharing international experiences. Starting and managing research projects aimed at improving the environment. Training young, high-potential adults to safeguard the cultural growth of companies. Applying new methods, new technologies and new principles to training in order to improve performance

pistoia nursery park

A project inspiring new projects

Pistoia Nursery Park is a vast area of greenery near the Pistoia motorway exit. Its layout is subject to constant change, capable of bringing the ideas
of any landscape professional to life.

We designed and built a nursery park to respond to the challenges suggested by the future. It targets architects and landscape and garden designers
who can come to enjoy this paradise of instant-impact specimens and find inspiration and substance for their most ambitious projects.

What is more important? the journey or the destination?

In all our nurseries, especially here at Pistoia Nursery Park, beauty is not just the ultimate goal of our work but it is also shows the way for us to attain it. Our nurseries have to be easy to take care of on a daily basis, but we also want them to look like a large, lovingly cared for garden, a pleasant place where our customers feel welcome and a pleasant place to work.

vannucci zero

A new nursery, a new start

Our nurseries, especially the more recent ones, are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and focus on the use of natural resources. Our watering systems save up to 95% of the water that is not absorbed, storing it in basins that not only guarantee we are totally independent in terms of our irrigation needs but also lower the risks of flooding and hydro-geological instability.

Vannucci Zero logo

Our path to sustainability

After years of trials and experiments, also conducted with the support of scientific institutes, we now use a natural mulch made from waste wood granules that stops weeds growing so we don’t have to turn to chemical weedkiller. The breathable, water-permeable anti-algae blankets we use with our container-grown plant units have the same purpose. The posts of the rows in our new fields are made of chestnut wood from the Apennine mountains above Pistoia, sourced from suppliers who are authorised and controlled by the Regional Forestry Commission. All our containers are made from recycled plastic.

Today, the future is also a young plant that will grow into tree.

vannucci engine

Green customized services

The latest of our projects, Vannucci Engine aims to help professionals by supporting them in the delicate design stages.

Vannucci Engine offers customised dedicated services, such as technical landscape consultancy in the preliminary and executive stage and preparation of dedicated plants for specific project needs



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