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Magnolia grandiflora ‘Gallisoniensis’

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Gallisoniensis’

Hardy plant with slow growth. It can be placed in full sunlight or in half-shade. This plant is suitable for large gardens, for creating shrubland and woods (several varieties together) and for narrow avenues, piazzas, streets. It is pollution resistant and has a perfumed flower. If it is allowed to grow spontaneously without pruning it will have a conical, spreading habit with quite sparse branches. If however it is pruned every year at the end of winter, as the nurserymen in Pistoia do, the branches become denser and the plant becomes a pyramid, regular, impenetrable; when planted in a garden it will keep its shape and will become a majestic tree. Growing requirements: grows well in cool, acid, siliceous soil, but also adapts to other soils, except not chalky ones.


POT : clt. 375

HEIGHT : 400/450 cm

SHAPE : natural shape

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Magnolia grandiflora ‘Gallisoniensis’