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Nerium Oleander
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Nerium Oleander

Nerium Oleander

Hardy plant with fast growth. Thrives in full sunlight. It has become the symbol of the Mediterranean summer and seaside resorts, which have a habitat similar to its primitive natural one, and where few other plants give such spectacular and long lasting flowering. Plant suitable for small and large gardens and for creating natural flowering hedges. It is pollution and sea climate resistant. It usually grows in poor soil but prefers to be planted in a garden where the soil is well-tilled and fertile. If grown in a pot, this must be deeper than it is wide to allow space for the long roots. In winter it should be kept quite dry but from spring to autumn it requires a lot of moisture.


POT : clt. 290

HEIGHT : 300/350 cm

SHAPE : multi-stemmed

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Nerium Oleander