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The new Vannucci Piante 2021 catalogue is online

This year, we can’t open our catalogue with our usual summary of the season, because spring 2020 has been unlike any other in the history of mankind. The unimaginable pandemic caused devastation around the world and had a horrendous impact on every single aspect of normal life, including jobs. Fortunately, Vannucci Piante managed to stay open for business and continue to take the best care of our stock, carrying on our growing programmes for next season and arranging shipments, which never came to a complete standstill, since the measures to contain the virus in our various partner countries were gradually relaxed at different times and in different ways.

I would like to thank our employees for all their efforts and for once again demonstrating their deep attachment to the company. Their devotion has enabled us to guarantee our customary standards of quality and service, while complying with the stringent safety protocols and with the various departments working shifts.

When countries began to lock down their borders, we had to come up with new and innovative solutions to present our products based on “virtual” visits. We intend to continue using and improving this new sales channel – vannucci MEET – which technology made available to us and current events imposed on us, so that we can continue to be even more dynamic in what we offer our customers.

Despite the extremely complex situation, as markets gradually lifted restrictions, we observed a reinstated and very promising vitality, even in countries where the strictest lockdowns were in place. Consequently, we are embracing the arrival of the new season with a sense of optimism – optimism demonstrated by our product range that is even richer and more comprehensive in terms of quantity and assortment.

We have confirmed our investment-, research- and innovation programmes, and we are not backtracking our commitment to pursue sustainable and ethical development, as this is imperative for us, today more than ever before, because sustainability is the way to gain a competitive edge and safeguard progress.

In the pages with the introduction to the catalogue we want to take you on a day trip to our company, on a normal workday: without wanting to sound presumptuous, it is this very normality that makes it a perfect day.

Naturally, we are and will continue to be delighted to see you in person should you decide to come to visit us, in conditions of absolute safety. This year, we are having to do without the pleasure of a genuinely warm handshake, but we will greet you with a smile from the heart, a sign of our sincere pleasure of seeing you again.

I wish everyone a profitable and peaceful sales season.

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