a story of courage

starting in 1938


In 1938, Vannino Vannucci senior left his job as a trained horticultural worker to start his own business in Pistoia. In the following years he was joined by his son Moreno, whose vision of the company’s future led to decisions making it possible to reach this goal with great dedication and love for plants and horticulture. Vannino Vannucci Jr. is now successfully running the family business with the spirit of initiative that today’s global economy demands,
placing his bets on an even greener future.

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Moreno e Franca
Visions of the future for a generation
whose vocation is tinged in green

Moreno Vannucci, Vannino Senior’s son and the father of Vannino, played the most important part in driving the expansion of the business. A careful observer and an ambitious achiever. He was never daunted by the challenges presented by the market, identifying potential openings with enthusiasm and a proactive approach. He showed by example that you have to stay ahead in this line of work: deciding which species will be needed most and will be most popular in 5, 10 or 15 years from now; identifying which mechanisms and procedures will support and accelerate work processes, laying the foundations for these changes without delay.

He shared it all with his wife and companion: Franca, the woman who supported, inspired and motivated him; who gave him
a wonderful family, perhaps the most important thing in life.

Moreno Vannucci was responsible for expanding and modernising the nurseries, creating a sales team to work with export customers, and putting a huge focus on public relations that attracted major customers and many personalities to the company and have made it known around the world.

a history spanning more than 80 years


Vannucci Piante in numbers

 250 hectares grown in open ground – 310 hectares of container-grown plants – 52 hectares of indoor nurseries – 12 hectares of fruit trees nurseries

we work in   0   continents
we export to over  0   countries around the world
0   hectares of nurseries
more than   0   900 partners ( including 300 employees )
founded in  0
more than   0   plant varieties
0   nursery park
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Vannucci Piante Worldwide

green partners for projects of prestige

We are a modern and dynamic business in the nursery industry. A strategic meeting place for movements, information and the latest trends.

Our role in projects ranges from supplier to mentor; consultant to intermediary, and a true and proper partner.

The volumes, quality and variety of our products, together with the efficiency of our logistics, make us the ideal candidate for large projects on a global scale.

Our projects around the world

_ Expo milano
_ Shanghai Disneyland
_ Sochi Olympic Games
_ Baku Port
_ London Olympic Games
_ Dubai Life Style City
_ Expo Shanghai
_ Torino Olympic Game
_ Athens Olympic Games
_ FerrariLand Vila-seca
_ EuroDisney Paris
_ Baku Stadium

We are the suppliers for the creation and maintenance of royal gardens like :

_ the Buckingham Palace Gardens, London
_ the King of Jordan’s London Royal Court in Amman

Beauty Addicted

Our plants provide the focus in many fabulous projects

When we meet landscape designers, we take time to find out about each other and swap ideas. We provide a palette that they can use as well as an ”engine” to help them, support them,
and inspire them. Some people say beauty will save the world.
We are working on achieving that, day after day.

can beauty save the world?

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