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To grow our plants, we make full use of the vocation, passion and expert knowledge that comes from an ancient tradition, we apply the best nursery practices and implement the most innovative techniques. The quality of our production has always been our primary objective; an essential requisite for us operate with our customers in their markets.

underlining our quality is vital

We want to work with the confidence that comes from good practice applied on a daily basis. This means not only operating according to a shared set of rules but being ready for what is waiting ahead. We signed up to a trial protocol to monitor plant health promoted by the Regional Government of Tuscany and coordinated by the Regional Plant Health Agency alongside its day-to-day operations. This intends to protect the health of plant production while reassuring customers with locally-coordinated actions,including ongoing sampling and analysis, and the monitoring of the supply chain. Our roots are planted in Tuscan soil but our branches grow in skies all around the world.

Ready for the future
preserving plant health is a priority

The health of our plants is mainly controlled on site, with site visits and inspections planned by our team of phytopathologists, defining and monitoring the balance of the substrates, the correct amount of watering, the health of the soil, and the distance between rows, in order to eliminate the sources of potential plant health issues without delay.

Of course, inspections are accompanied by lab tests, the sampling of incoming materials, and rigid protocols for traceability, as stipulated in the voluntary programme for the self monitoring of plant health promoted and run by the Regional Government of Tuscany. We joined this programme with great enthusiasm because safeguarding the health of our plants is a top priority for us

Nature and soil
human factor, precious resource

The nature of our soil and our regular transplanting promote the development of capillary root systems and the formation of solid root balls that are able to tolerate the stress of handling and transport. We have mechanised many of the stages involved in our operations, but none of the processes are entirely automated: the human factor, the expertise that comes from our great heritage, still drives our work.

Preserving life
promote the oases of life

Melliferous plants are no recent introduction as there has always been a large choice in our overall selection. We decided to set this space aside especially for them because gardens and patios can do more than just look good and become vital spaces for the survival of bees and other insects that are essential in protecting biodiversity. Whatever the size of the space, it can act as a link in a chain of small oases, connecting up the parks in towns and cities with the suburbs and ultimately the open countryside.

The Garden Centres that sell our plants rest assured that they are a link in a chain of small nature reserves for bees and other insects, playing a vital role in the ecosystem: we abandoned the use of persistent neonicotinoids, pyrethroids or organophosphates in 2015.

Piante Mellifere

In the precious hands of our experts

Not only are there no completely automated processes in our operations, the most delicate jobs are still done entirely by hand, by our experts who love getting their hands dirty.

hman factor
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Catalog 2023-2024

the new catalog vannucci piante

We are able to guarantee non-stop supplies, 12 months a year, thanks to our range of container-grown plants. We not only offer the traditional range of container-plants sold at retail nurseries and garden centres, but also medium-large deciduous trees and many instant-impact specimens that are grown in the open ground, transplanted several times and then put into pots but only made available for sale after they have developed a new root system

Over 3000 species and varieties cultivated

Every year,we test and select new species for our nurseries, only adding those we consider genuinely interesting from a botanical point of view and those we think respond to the latest market trends. Our ambition is to offer our customers access to the most comprehensive range possible.

Park Specimen Collection

unique exemplares, unique emotions

The more than 1,000 pieces are part of an exclusive collection of Vannucci Piante.
They are welcomed in Pistoia Nursery Park, the rst nursery park in Europe.
These pieces are monumental plants, unique in size, spectacularity and variety, all transportable and transplantable. Ready-to use specimens for big projects, all with ID cards.

“ “ Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience “

(Hal Borland)

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Trained for major trips

There would be no point in offering top quality plants and a full range at competitive prices without effective planning and logistics, but our organisation skills have always been one of our top strengths. With our cutting-edge infrastructures and highly-trained personnel, we are able to suggest the best solution whatever the destination and time of year, with the guarantee of punctual and fast deliveries, even and especially during seasonal peaks in demand.

We dedicate the utmost careful care to logistics

Our company’s logistics has always been one of our plus points. Effciency, punctuality, a prompt response and rapid delivery are the norm for us. Nowadays, shipments are subject to constant rescheduling in order to cater for last-minute orders and frequent additions. Markets demand shorter lead times but we were ready for this as we have always thought that service counts as much as the product: our investments in infrastructure and organisation over recent years have made handling our customers’ urgent needs normal routine. The pioneering design of our loading bays enables us to guarantee prompt shipments to over 60 countries in the world where we export.

Always close to your business


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Our plants are able to grow and become more beautiful, healthy and robust thanks to the precious resources Mother Nature has given us. This is why we have a duty to act responsibly and protect them. The MPS and GLOBAL GAP environmental certification we were awarded in recent years, along with our Code of Ethics, are tangible demonstrations of the values that inspire us.


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