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The new Vannucci Piante 2021-2022 catalog: A Different Point of View

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After the harsh lockdown imposed on us all in spring 2020, last season wound down with the promise that our sector would enjoy a rapid recovery: well, that promise came true.
Autumn was lively and enabled us to finish 2020 on a positive note, but it was just the prelude to a record spring.

Even though the pandemic has revolutionised our buying habits and consumer trends, encouraging the sale of plants, this is not going to be a temporary trend. People will not go without plants and green surroundings, be it private or public spaces, because plants generate positive emotions, fuelled by an awareness for the environment that has become more generalised.

A new season is upon us, marked by a feeling of well-founded optimism. Many customers have thanked us for maintaining our high standards of service even during the long and intense peaks last spring.

We were able to do this because of our huge investments over recent years focusing on improving our production and our organisation: ambitious investments that will continue in the coming years so that we are sure to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers.It was not just about the pandemic, the need also came about for real-time information and this drove us to implement the digital transition in many of our work processes, especially those related to communication and the display of our products.

Video conferences, virtual visits constructed ad hoc by our specialist sales teams to focus on specific buying habits, targeted offers, an up-to-date photo gallery of our production, all became part of our customer service with the aim of bringing our customers closer.

We are not quite ready to do away with our printed catalogue, because its tangibility and the smell of the freshly-printed paper lend added value to the effort involved in getting it published, the result of major teamwork handed down from generation to generation.The printed catalogue is like a snapshot of our range, taken at the start of the season and deserving of unhurried consultation, just like reading a book.

That is why we decided to complement the presentation of our range with a dynamic tool: the online catalogue. It can be accessed from any device, makes use of fast and functional search keys, it is updated with seasonal product lines that can be seen by anyone but only industry professionals can see the pricing: an invaluable tool to help our customers increase their turnover.

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