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the world, our garden

Beauty is not only the goal of our work but also the route to achieving it. We take care of our nurseries, respecting the environment and people, las if they were large, evocative gardens.

This is how we want to imagine the world, like a large garden, which makes our lives more livable and authentic.


Over the years, the continuous search for quality in the production of our plants has led us to be considered leaders in the nursery sector. A goal that we renew every day with passion and constant commitment.


Our sights may be aimed at results, but our eye never misses anything that can be improved and grow.

Our major innovation is customer satisfaction.


It is an important word, even if a little overused today. Respect for people and the environment has always been in our DNA. We apply the code of ethics in our daily procedures and operate with the highest environmental certifications

a story of courage
starting in 1938
In 1938, Vannino Vannucci senior left his job as a trained horticultural worker to start his own business in Pistoia. In the following years he was joined by his son Moreno, whose vision of the company’s future led to decisions making it possible to reach this goal with great dedication and love for plants and horticulture. Vannino Vannucci Jr. is now successfully running the family business with the spirit of initiative that today’s global economy demands, placing his bets on an even greener future.
We have a secret
it’s in our hands

Our roots are firmly planted in the Tuscan soil, and to be precise in the fertile plains surrounding the city of Pistoia. Here, the climate is extremely favourable and plants grow healthy, harmoniously and strong, so they will be able to acclimatise in different geographical and environmental conditions.

Vannucci worldwide
green partner
for projects of prestige

We are a modern and dynamic business in the nursery industry. A strategic meeting place for movements, information and the latest trends. Our role in projects ranges from supplier to mentor; consultant to intermediary, and a true and proper partner. The volumes, quality and variety of our products, together with the ef ciency of our logistics, make us the ideal candidate for large projects on a global scale.


Catalog 2021-2022

the new catalog vannucci piante

We are able to guarantee non-stop supplies, 12 months a year, thanks to our range of container-grown plants. We not only offer the traditional range of container-plants sold at retail nurseries and garden centres, but also medium-large deciduous trees and many instant-impact specimens that are grown in the open ground, transplanted several times and then put into pots but only made available for sale after they have developed a new root system

Current special offers

Variety, range and quality. These are the reasons that make our offers highly competitive.

vannucci piante


Quality First

underlining our quality is vital

To grow our plants, we make full use of the vocation, passion and expert knowledge that comes from an ancient tradition, we apply the best nursery practices and implement the most innovative techniques. The quality of our production has always been our primary objective; an essential requisite for us operate with our customers in their markets.

More Plants, More Life

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Come and visit us

a thousand reasons to visit us every season

Vannucci World

We are looking to the future by developing new projects in our sector, including the diffusion of green culture and experimenting with new production techniques with zero impact

vannucci zero
A new nursery, a new start

Our nurseries, especially the more recent ones, are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and focus on the use of natural resources. Our watering systems save up to 95% of the water that is not absorbed, storing it in basins that not only guarantee we are totally independent in terms of our irrigation needs but also lower the risks of flooding and instability.

vannucci engine
Vannucci Piante spin off

The latest of our projects, Vannucci Engine aims to help professionals by supporting them in the delicate design stages.

Vannucci Engine offers customised dedicated services, such as technical landscape consultancy in the preliminary and executive stage and preparation of dedicated plants for specific project needs

pistoia nursery campus
Education, Culture, Hospitality

Space as a tool for learning.

Our idea for the Pistoia Nursery Campus was based on an avant-garde project and a concept of trailblazing sustainability. A Campus to promote developments in our industry and offer younger generations the chance to get proper training and guidance for a better future.

pistoia nursery park
Progettiamo per migliorare

We designed and built a nursery park to respond to the challenges suggested by the future. It targets architects and landscape and garden designers who can come to enjoy this paradise of instant-impact specimens and find inspiration and substance for their most ambitious projects. Pistoia Nursery Park is a vast area of greenery near the Pistoia motorway exit.

Like a painting

Plants are to the landscaper what paints are to the artist.
The landscape is his canvas and we humbly approach his creativity to make available to him the tints best suited to his work of art.


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